How will i receive my Images and Film?
Blu-ray / DVD

How long will it take to receive my images ?
3 to 4 months

How long will it take to receive my Films?
6 to 8 months

Are the images edited?
All images are carefully individually corrected and edited.

How long will be my edited movie be each day?

All Depends on the type of event and culture, the length of the event and how many traditions, dances, speech’s you and your family may have can make a big impact on the length of the films, as a guide line 30min to 3 hours

Will you provide us the Raw Footage?
No, All Images are edited before given

How long does it take to get our album?

After you approve the final designs 2 months.

How far will you travel and where are you based?
Our main office is based in Manchester but we can cover the national and even worldwide with a travel cost.

Are you insured?
Yes! We have full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

What cameras do you use?

We use DSLR cameras such as canon Nikon and Sony’s, With a wide variety of lenses and stabilisers to make that perfect shot.

How soon do we need to reserve our date?
As soon as possible. We work on a 1st come 1st serve bases, We can not hold dates unless a deposit is given.

How will we reserve our wedding date?
Once we receive your deposit off 50% and a signed contract, your date is then fully reserved.

Can we pay part before and part after the wedding?

A 50% Deposit required to confirm your booking, the remaining 50% is required 1 week before to 1 week after the Wedding.

How many photographs do i need to choose for the photo album?

Choose between 80 and 100 pictures for the standard 15-page/30 sides album. You can choose to have more pages to fit more images at extra cost.

Have you got a studio and can we come to see your work?
Yes, we highly recommend you to visit our studio before making any decision so we can show you our detailed work.